Hearts Deluxe for Windows 8

Play the fun game in different designs

  • Category Cards
  • License Free
  • Works under Windows 10 / Windows 8
  • Language English
  • Program by Random Salad Games

Play the comprehensive version of Hearts on Windows 8.

Hearts Deluxe is the classic trick taking game, and the original release gave out the game for free, so there is a good chance that you too can get this one for free. The AI (Artificial Intelligence) is just savvy enough to make the game fun without making it frustratingly impossible to win.

Different Modes To Play With

There are three different modes you can play. There is hooligans, omnibus and classic modes, plus there are two levels of difficulty. There are plenty of statistics that come along with the game, so that you may track your progress, and you can rename your opponent to whatever you want. This version works well on Windows 8 devices or devices with adjustable compatibility settings.

It Can Become Too Easy

One of the biggest criticisms is that the game is a little too easy. Novice players will probably enjoy the challenge, but middle-to-advanced players will find it too easy--even on the hardest difficulty setting. The AI will sometimes make moves that normal humans wouldn’t. Another complaint is that the AI has a lot of pre-programmed moves that are very easy to learn and therefore are very easy to anticipate and counter. The longer you play the game, the easier it becomes as you figure out how the AI thinks.

Graphically It Is Just Right

A game such as Hearts doesn’t need flashy graphics and fancy effects, but on the other hand, people do not want to play a game that is unattractive, primitive looking, and is unforgiving during gameplay. People want some sort of subtle compromise, and this game offers them that. The graphics are basic but pleasing, the background is inoffensive, and the set looks slightly shaded, which helps to stop the game looking like something from 1996.

You Can Play It Quickly

One of the reasons the Nintendo Wii wasn’t as popular for as long as Nintendo had hoped was because of the graphics (duh!) and because it was aimed at casual gamers but took too long to set up and get going. With Hearts Deluxe, casual gamers can nip into the game, play a quick hand, and get off again. It is a strategy game that people can play every day and it only takes a minute before you are on the game screen and playing.


  • Easy to play
  • Graphics are okay
  • Quick to set up and play


  • You can learn how to manipulate the AI
  • Some more features would have been nice
  • May not suit modern gamers who expect better graphics
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